If you use the methods below, you will be able to write your own cheques!




The easiest way for you to make your FIRST sale as an affiliate will be to use Google Adwords (pay per click marketing).

Pay Per Click (PPC) can be your key to success in affiliate marketing...it can also leave you with a huge bill at the end of each month, with nothing to show, if not done properly.

Download our suggested keyword List. This is an enormous and VERY broad list and WE HIGHLY recommend starting with 1,000-2,000 keywords after you categorize a few ad groups before you scale up your campaigns.

Right Click, Save Target/link As to save this FREE
list to your local computer:

Download Keyword Ad Groups List

*This is not a complete list but quite broad to begin with.

A Brief Overview Of How PPC Search Engine Advertising Works:

1) You select keywords that are related to your target audience.

2) You create mini advertisements that show up on the right hand column of the Google Search Engine when people search for the keywords you have selected.

3) You pay a fee, usually 10-30 cents, every time someone clicks on your advertisement which directs them your desired landing page.

You pay nothing to appear on the google page.  You only pay the amount you have agreed to pay (or bid for) when someone actually clicks on your advertisement. Hench the name 'pay per click.'

If your bid is the highest on a keyword phrase then your ad will be ranked as number 1 in the PPC Search Engines.  The rest of the ads are ranked in descending order as decided by their maximum bid amount.  This is a very simple explanation. 

How Can PPC Make You Money As An Affiliate?

1) You can target qualified traffic to your site TODAY without having to wait months and months to get ranked in the search engines.

2) You can target people to your own site, collect their emails and market a whole range of products.

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Email courses are one of the most effective ways of increasing your profits and staying in contact with your visitors.

Consider that you only have less then 5 seconds to capture your visitors attention!  If someone lands on your site and does not find what they are looking for, guess what happens?


Never to be seen again and you just lost a potential sale.  Here is the main reason to create a email campaign:

“The Money Is In The Follow Up!”

For some people it takes up to 7 contacts before they buy.  You do not have time to follow up with each person individually so you should automate this process.

As you can imagine, many people are skeptical and are interested in what you have to offer but need some further convincing and are afraid of being scammed.

Here are the steps you can take to creating your own autoresponder series:

1) Sign Up for a Autoresponder Program.

The two best programs and most affordable programs on the Internet www.GetResponse.com  or www.EmailMover.com

2) Decide What You Will Give Away

People will not give you their email address freely.  Only for something that is of value to them.  Here are some suggestions:

- Free e-report

- Free audio report

- A specific article

3) Initial Message – Introduce Yourself.

Thank your subscriber for signing up, introduce yourself and remind them of the BENEFITS you will be offering. Really reinforce the product by saying what's in it for them!

4) Follow Up Message 1 – Write A Review

Put together a mini review for this one.

Take advantage of being a third-party recommendation .  People love to hear others. And to be honest, your influence on a buyer probably has more influence then mine!

Let the reader know you were just like them searching for helpful information and have finally found the solution to their problem  Be honest.  Tell them your story and why you decided to promote this product instead of all the others they could choose from.   Your goal is to establish trust and credibility in this first email.

Simply state what you learned from the book or actual results on the program.  Again, be honest.  Don't be afraid to saying something you didn't like.  This will build more credibility.

5) Follow Up Message 2 -  Reinforce Benefits to Persuade Prospects

Talk about the major benefits for them. Do NOT list features (what's included).  Put the benefits in a bullet list.  What will the product do for them? How will they will feel?  How will they will look?  Get them emotionally envolved!

Remind your prospect to take advantage of the benefits of your/my website before it's too late.  Your aim is to create some urgency and excitement by letting  them know the price is increasing or that I am taking away some of the bonus gifts in the next few days. 
Feel free to email me for some ideas so that your message is actually consistent with my offers.

6) Follow Up Message 3 – Remind Them Of The Bonuses

Spend this message talking about the bonus items.  You would be surprised of how many people order.

Remind them that the bonuses are available for only a certain number of days and certain number of people.  This will create scarcity and urgency!

7) Follow Up Message 4 – Compare our e-book with others

The majority of your prospects will make their buying decisions emotionally and justify them logically.  What this means, is that despite your product being very appealing, they might not want to make a impulse decision.

8) Follow Up Message 5–Boost Desire and Belief With Success Stories

The reality is that your prospect will trust you far more when you give real world examples of other people who have gained results from our book. 

Success stories, endorsements and testimonials are fantastic ways of establishing belief and value because they have nothing to gain by simply telling their story and results. 

9) Follow Up Message 6 – Demand Action

The final step of your sequence is what makes or breaks the sale.  Since nobody likes to make a decision, especially when it comes to money, you have to help them make a decision.  You must make it crystal clear what your offering and how it will benefit them.

Remind them of the consequences of not taking action and what they will miss out on if they don't start today. 

Make it absolutely clear what to do next, even if it's just a CLICK HERE to order link.

10) Stay In Contact With Broadcasts

Even though the follow-up sequence is complete, your prospects are still very valuable to you.  I would send out a update every 2 or 4 weeks to let them know about new updates, free content or promotions. 

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Banner ads work well if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • A high traffic site receiving more then 1000 visitors a day.
  • When used in conjunction with a written review, articles, and textlinks rather than by themselves.

Here are the steps to using banner ads:

1) Choose the banner/e-book cover that you would like to use.

2) Right click on your selected choice and save it to your computer.

3) Upload the banner ad to your desired location of your website.

4) Hyperlink your affiliate ID into the product image so you get your commission.


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What is a blog?

Taken directly from the biggest of blog sites, www.blogger.com for the perfect definition:

"A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world."

Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them, in all shapes and sizes.

In simple terms, a blog is a web site, where you write stuff on an ongoing basis. New stuff shows up at the top, so your visitors can read what's new. Then they comment on it or link to it or email you. Or not.

Blogging Over Traditional Websites?

Blogs are absolutely FREE to set up, and cost ZERO to manage.
If you have a computer and internet connection you're in business.  Its even free to sign up.

The search engines are also highly supportive of blogs because “bloggers” (people with blogs) typically have a lot of original content and updates on a regular basis.  Blogging programs like www.blogger.com is the easiest to set up and is operated by Google.

Every day the Google robots search online to see if your blog has new content.  And the more content you add, eventually your blog will show at the top of the search engines related to pregnancy exercise, fitness and other topics that should ideally be associated with your posts. 

By using your “affiliate link” in your blog postings to send website traffic to someone's webpage (eg. www.birthball-handbook.com), if the visitor makes a purchase within 60 Days of that first visit through an affiliate link, you as an affiliate are credited for the sale and awarded 60% commission.

How To Help Drive Traffic (visitors) To Your Blog?

The easiest way to start getting visitors is to simply get the word out. By this I mean taking advantage of any of the tools you are currently using in your day to day life interactions with other people, and then using some other methods below.

  1. Email
  2. Facebook
  3. MySpace
  4. Google/Yahoo Groups and other Online Forums
  5. Submit Your Blog To The Search Engines
  6. Add You Tube Videos
  7. Add Images, Product Graphics & Banners
  8. Add Keyword “Rich” Articles

    #1 Email - Once you have a few posts under your belt that you're proud of, send a mass email to your friends and family notifying them of your blog. You can also add a signature to attach to each email. I suggest something simple like your blog website name under your name.

    #2 Facebook – This social networking website is a great way to get your blog into the eyes of new readers.  In your contact details there is a place for “ website,” Here you can list your blog for all of your friends and networks to see.

    Also, each time you post an article on your blog, you can cut and paste it into a Facebook note and publish it to your profile.  Make sure to include the address to your blog at the beginning AND end of your note.

    You can also create an event to notify your entire friends list about your blog. This will make sure everyone knows you have this blog. I wouldn't recommend doing this until you've written several days of quality content.

    If you belong to Facebook Groups that are relevant to your blog, when posting your advice on their “Wall”, remember to add your blog address. (more on Group and Forum below).

    #3 MySpace – These strategies are similar to your possibilities with Facebook. List your blog address on your profile, notify your friends, and create notes for your friends and random visitors to see. Remember to ALWAYS include your site address in any note you create.

    #4 Google/Yahoo Groups – If you participate in any online forums or groups, you can post a link to your blog in your signature.  I don't recommend “spamming” just for the sake of marketing your blog. People that are online frequently are used to these types of wasteful contributors, don't be one of them. 

    Whenever you have something to say of value in a forum, make sure you have a link to your blog in your signature.

#5 Submit Your Blog To the Search Engines - Google – www.google.com/addurl.html

#6 Add You Tube Videos

#7 Add Images, Product Graphics & Banners (sometimes) People love unique and inspiring images. But you need to consider where and when you'll position your banners, images and graphics.

For example, do not slap a book cover right at the top of your blog.  This will scream 'advertisement' and might induce a click but there has been no 'pre-sell' so the quality of click will be low.

#8 Add Keyword “Rich” Articles: - Though I believe telling your story and being a real person in your blog posts are most important, a close second is to consistently post articles that are filled with chosen keywords.

Download our Google Adwords Guide for a list of converting keywords so that you can write content around ONE specific key word or key word phrase. You can also brainstorm your own keywords and write articles based on your findings.

When brainstorming new keywords you have to consider what terms people might use to search for a program to help them lose fat and get six pack abs. The best tool for this is http://www.WordTracker.com but I have already found the top converting keywords so take advantage of my efforts and use the keyword list in my Google Adword Guide.


When writing your post, focus on ONE specific keyword like “how to get stay trim during pregnancy ” and use this keyword phrase as your title and throughout your blog post with hyperlinks on this word back to our website using your affiliate ID.  

How To Set Up Your Blog?

The main types of blogs out there are based on 1 of 3 platforms, Blogger, WordPress, and Movable Type.  The latter two must be set up on a server and you typically have to buy your own domain (website) name as well. We would suggest setting up a www.blogger.com account since as I mentioned before, it's completely free!

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Product Images

Here are the steps to using the product images:

1. Choose the image that you would like to use.

2. Right click on your selected choice and save it to your computer.

3. Upload the image to your desired location of your website.

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